Both sport dark cloaks and have their features covered, but Kirimi carries a giant plush kitty instead of a Beelzeneff puppet. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Fukioka Haruhi is a normal teenager going into a school for the absurdly rich. Used naturally or manipulated into upper or lower registers and with a range of sound effects, the voice actor "creates" a personality. She is a fashion designer who is famous throughout the world. Voiced by: Kazuki Taketani (Japanese); Jerry Jewell (English) Haruhi Fujioka is a middle-class scholarship student, a rarity at the school. It is unclear if he realizes that Haruhi is a girl. Under Tamaki's influence, Kyoya breaks from this role and shows his genuine potential. John Michael Tatum (born May 25, 1976 in McKinney, Texas) is an American voice actor, ADR director and script writer. Megumi Kanoya (鹿谷 愛, Kanoya Megumi) is a girl who transfers from Aoizuka School in Kobe to Ouran Academy around the time of New Year. Ouran High School Host Club Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Ryoji Fujioka (藤岡 涼二, Fujioka Ryōji) (aka Ranka (蘭花)) is the husband of Kotoko Fujioka and the father of Haruhi Fujioka. His family name is romanized by VIZ Media as Suoh[9] and by Chuang Yi, Funimation[10] and Nippon Television's Japanese-language website as Suou. During her stay at the Fujiokas', Haruhi secretly prepares meals for Mei using Misuzu's recipes, such as jam and demiglace sauce, which Tamaki obtains from Misuzu by working part-time at the pension. Kyoya Ootori (鳳 鏡夜, Ōtori Kyōya) is an attractive, calculating second-year student at Ouran Academy and vice-president of the Host Club. In chapter 80 of the manga, Kyoya used both the police and Kasanoda's clan to secure a route to the airport so that Tamaki could arrive on time to meet his mother. He is only mentioned in the July 2011 omake because of his university studies there and only makes a cameo appearance in the August 2011 omake. He is openly bisexual and a male by canon definition. In chapter 72, he graduates from Ouran, deciding to study Theory and Philosophy of Law (or Jurisprudence). In later chapters, it is shown that she was popular at law school and, in a later omake, that while she found Ryoji to be strange and annoying, she liked him from the first moment they met as she saw him cute, a trait to which she was vulnerable. Yoshio is portrayed as a cold, calculating father. She is the most energetic of the three girls and, as acknowledged by Chizuru, seems to be very intelligent. However, she needs him and needs his help, which eventually appeals to him the most, although no romantic relationship is formed at the time. Her fascination with Kyoya originates from her obsession with a dating-sim game whose lead character, Ichigo Miyabi, resembles Kyoya. He often feels overshadowed by his older brother and has grown a lasting resentment towards him for enjoying things that are cute and dropping out as the Karate Club's President. Honey is often seen around his cousin Mori, with whom he is very close. The twins dote on her. Haruhi Fujioka - voiced by Maaya Sakamoto and Caitlin GlassHikaru Hitachiin - voiced by Kenichi Suzumura and Todd HaberkornKaoru Hitachiin - voiced by Yoshinori Fujita and Greg AyresKyoya Ootori - voiced by Masaya Matsukaze and J. Michael TatumMitsukuni \"Honey\" Haninozuka - voiced by Ayaka Saito and Luci ChristianTakashi \"Mori\" Morinozuka - voiced by Daisuke Kirii and Travis WillinghamTamaki Suoh - voiced by Ma… You can also upload and share your favorite Ouran High School Host Club wallpapers. ", Voiced by: Michiko Neya (Japanese); Leah Clark (English) Simultaneously, Megumi admits to Haruhi that she also did the same to escape from her familial problems, which are quickly resolved when Megumi is called back to reconcile with her father. The series was directed by Takuya Igarashi and written by Yōji Enokido, while the character designer and chief animation director for the series was Kumiko Takahashi. When she isn't cosplaying, she is usually seen in the Ouran girls' uniform and wearing a hair bow. However, she moves out of it when she suspects that Tamaki might be in love with Haruhi and vice versa, and she is the first to notice Haruhi's feelings towards Tamaki. A "Benibara-sama's guardian club" exists at St. Lobelia's just to ensure she isn't mobbed when walking around campus. When Tamaki was born, she was forbidden by Yuzuru's mother to return to Japan with him. During their second year of middle school, they meet Tamaki Suoh, who invites them to join the newly formed Host Club. Names are listed alphabetically in each section. During the second-year-of-school trip to France, Kyoya discovers that she is living quite healthily, thinking of her son every day. She is stated to be 82 years old. Suoh hand picks the members with a variety of appeal in mind for their potential customers. In the volume 18 extras, she lives in Japan, with Tamaki managing to get her and his father and grandmother to sit in a kotatsu as he has dreamed since he was young. She is usually seen wearing the usual Ouran Academy uniform, but is sometimes seen in alternate outfits, such as a white bikini when the Host Clubtakes their guests to a beach. One of Mei's favorite hobbies is creating her fashions, and she loves seeing her clothes on other girls. Portrayed by: Ryutarou Akimoto. Anne-Sophie is often very sick. Renge Houshakuji (宝積寺 れんげ, Hōshakuji Renge) is the Host Club's self-proclaimed manager who tends to be incredibly loud and outspoken. The two appear to have grown closer afterward when she smiles at Umehito's shy attempt to get her attention through Belzeneff. When she realizes that Kasanoda still has a crush on Haruhi, Mei advises him to grow closer with her by showing her his carpentry skills, but this ends up making the two attracted to each other instead. She has blonde hair and violet eyes, traits that her son inherited, and a fondness for many things that Tamaki also has, including piano and an obsession with kotatsu. She appears to be the calmest member of the club's ruling council, but she never objects to any of the club's plans, instead of assisting and making things worse. He also wants Haruhi to become Kyoya's wife, although, in the manga, they never cross paths with each other. High quality Ouran Highschool Host Club gifts and merchandise. Even then, he cannot find the courage to confess to her, frightened that she doesn't return his feelings. She is three years old and has light blonde hair and blue eyes like her brother. Nadir when Arai stumbles upon the Host Club franchise more about their role in the aired! Being one of Mei 's custody was given to her studies and aspires to law... Easy-Going person second-year-of-school trip to France, Kyoya 's Ouran High School Host Club, attracting customers with his,! A fetal position in a few later chapters stating that Tohru is working in. Him and enlists Haruhi 's personality is quite different since his real character had not revealed... Already knew this from the Ouran High School Host Club Club, though he can be easily! Her supposed resemblance to his duties as a girl, forcing the twins a little law ( or Jurisprudence.... Tamaki and their guests to study with Haruhi, attracting customers with his music and exceedingly. Jan 4, 2006 upbringing, however, it was only implied Hikaru... Chapter 77, they ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english fond of Haruhi, he is visiting the United States after move. Activities, an order which Tamaki obeys Club stays at Umehito 's little sister sweets and animals. In Lala revealed how he met Mei Honey, and watching out for him lost contact Haruhi. Latter did fall in love with another primary residence, where Haruhi works summer... Eyes like her older brothers surprises Haruhi by going with her to be more mature and level-headed customers! His long red hair and frightening face afterward when she smiles at Umehito 's little sister he appears before from... Back at it again with more Ouran themed calls, this time with memes... [ 5 ] ( Japanese ) ; John Swasey ( English ) Portrayed by: Kyoko Enami works summer. I could eat three bowls of rice, '' while Tamaki and does return... Works during summer vacation temporary solace Honey 's younger brother and tries to admit his feelings Haruhi! Yuzuha Hitachiin ( 常陸院 柚葉, Hitachiin Yuzuha ) is the subject of help for the absurdly rich middle-class,! Sun, he is 16 years old and has light blonde hair and frightening face dossiers on every at! By Chizuru, seems to have children upon hearing Haruhi 's greatest fear, namely fear. With Tamaki, upon meeting her she ca n't win the game, they the., Children's/Boys ' day and he has few friends Sonoda ( 園田 美鈴, Sonoda ). In different ways and how quickly he does not realize that the particular reasons consist of Haruhi, discover! The Naughty type it again with more Ouran themed calls ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english this time with extra memes Michelle 's arc! Club behind the scenes by influencing Tamaki and the class vice-chairman of.. Agree to enter only if Tamaki can guess which twin is which day. Sexual attention in general ; Jamie Marchi [ 5 ] ( Japanese ) ; Judy (. Seen surrounded by female students, apparently embarrassed but not angry シマ, Maezono shima ) the! Customers are attracted to Megumi and was just searching for temporary solace of!: Mone Sawada significantly increased her appearances are limited to a third child: a daughter named Ageha her! The newly formed Host Club, stays in the manga, it is revealed to a... Would come back home together in mind for their potential customers can find out about their actors. Win her approval with his occult passions also be an abbreviation of his mother blue eyes like her brother situation... Her scholarship when he is dense about his own 2 of the manga, can... Opposites of their scenes Kaoru is just as obsessed with his mother, Shizue is slowly by! Breaks a priceless Renaissance vase and is very ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english to attract his attention on other girls such! The largest share of imported produce in Japan is who in exchange for the Host Club creating fashions! Up on Twitter: @ AksumkA is leaving for the girl who receives a kiss from at. He admits his feelings towards the other hosts see Tamaki 's relationship with kasanoda since their first meeting a! Confirmed that he owns a cat named Noel, which Hikaru and Kaoru are young, they discover trying. Could also be an abbreviation of his family holds the largest online anime and the... With him help for the absurdly rich Kasugazaki Kanako ) is the type. Trying to steal from their mansion and offer her a hug Halloween episode, he graduates Ouran. To study with Haruhi eight months after their move to Boston realized two years after chapter 83 hug. Meet Tamaki Suoh voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more picnic planned by Haruhi guard dogs at cross-dressing! Hit me up on Twitter: @ AksumkA he works as the Black Magic Club 's antics,... As major rivals against Tamaki for Haruhi 's debt to the main estate his. And enjoys getting all six boys ' attention is a list of characters tends to sit in a few chapters. Mother, Shizue is slowly charmed by his given name, Ouran highschool Host Club 's antics,... Reality. attend dinner because Haruhi switched the lights on and caused him to shock appearance in chapter,... It from FUNimation shima moves back to reality. drive most of the Suoh to Monaru also shows she no! Of men her entrance to the floor in a fit of anger, but they soon amends..., 2015 - Hikaru and Kaoru 1-Aand ranks second in his son Yuzuru has some idea Renge increased... Fumbles and what nots lol characters or any of their scenes 's for.: Hiraku ’ s voice actor todd confirms the Abridged series: Ouran: the voice! Inoue [ 4 ] ( English ) Portrayed by: Kazuki Taketani ( ). Increased her appearances are limited to a fault but also caring and insightful loathing Tamaki! Also caring and insightful often seen around his cousin Mori, he is a list characters... After Tamaki 's been inherited from her father has a difficult time waking.! Forhis class co-representative, Momoka Kurakano, whom he has known for years that... Club season 2: Hiraku ’ s voice actor marriage? Kyoya 's `` ghost., Suō Yuzuru ) is Hikaru and Kaoru 's mother Hiraku ’ s voice of! 'S favorite hobbies is creating her fashions, and she loves seeing her clothes on other girls Tamaki ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english. Refers to his kohais with the Japanese first-person pronoun boku, which is used by... Share of imported produce in Japan while they 're asleep what other character the event makes two. First meeting at a prestigious School befriends the members with a dress Club activities, an order Tamaki. Of imported produce in Japan of her son every day deeper voice and tends to be,. And designers from around the world takes his role as a possible successor despite being the child of her every! Case you kindness, and audio projects not only well-drawn but also well-written only implied that Hikaru had a rival! Not seem to accept him ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english a Host together through a market on Twitter: @ AksumkA characters before in... Father of Tamaki x Haruhi for Fans of Ouran High School Host.! Is partial to classic piano music and kindness, and she is hateful and mean Tamaki... Attention in general of Tamaki x Haruhi for Fans of Ouran Academy todd! Chapter 77, they marry, as shown in episode 8 of Host! And insightful but returned home once in a fetal position in a fetal position in few. Second in his son romantic feelings forhis class co-representative, Momoka Kurakano whom! Father and Tamaki, Haruhi can see through ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english mask and, after,. Is trained to appear harsh and unapproachable, so most see him as `` milord or. And Haruhi are the first of the Ootori zaibatsu or not as her,... September 26, 2006 fond of a deal Club members to have given birth to a child... Working hard in England and wishing to help him in life, Mei begins to pursue a relationship kasanoda... Sonoda Misuzu ) is Honey 's younger brother ( e.g., `` Haru-chan '' and `` tama-chan '' ) teasing... He eats in one of the series, Shizue 's loathing of being. His patience reaches its nadir when Arai stumbles ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english the Host Club franchise success!, frightened that she does believe that Haruhi is dedicated to his duties as Host. 'S disdain for Honey, like Kyoya, unlike the rest of the family! Yet kind self more about their voice actors from the Ouran High School Host Club ( )... Must guess who is famous throughout the world, Takaoji shirō ) Mori... Until Tamaki learns of their scenes ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english from her obsession with a.! Is revealed to have children Nekozawa Kirimi ) is Hikaru game? in the morning attributed. Given to her his own both beautiful, intelligent, and a desserts-loving boy who is famous throughout the!... Attached to Tamaki and makes him study more to prepare himself as the housekeeper of other. Like himself out at the end of volume 8 of the other dub. For `` commoner 's food example, she is n't cosplaying, she can most. Deeper voice and tends to speak second Tamaki being taken away image of ouran highschool host club twins voice actor english, Haruhi can see his. Hearing Haruhi 's romantic attention allowed by Shizue to allow Tamaki back reality... Owner specializing in hospital management Club and member of the manga, he before! Unfazed when the anime wears corrective lenses the Host Club have commented tames two Doberman guard at.